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Brand History

Shenzhen Grandtime Technology Co.Ltd founded in shenzhen in 2014
Launched a pubic network cluster intercom(F22&F25) in the industry firstly Achieved outstanding results and was highly recognized by the municipal government
Recorder F1 to provide an overall It has been highly recognized by the Shenzhen solution for group prevention and Government and has been promoted in the group governance in the Nanshan public security bureaus of various districts of district branch of Shenzhen the city, as well as national public security model projects
During this period, we reached strategic (F2, F3, F1S)developed and released, cooperation with overseas agents and are used in major public security systems, authorized exclusive distributors in airports, subway, and cutoms etc North American countries to make important contributions to overseas public safety
5G body worn camera and smart wearable devices Flashilght. were successfully developed, opened a new era of intelligence






In March 2015, the first public network cluster intercom device (F22 poc radio) was launched in the industry.Then launched the public network cluster visualization products and cluster communication equipment.2015 -- 2017 sales were 5 million RMB,30 million RMB 30 million RMB.

In 2017, the company launched the police law enforcement recorder (F1 body worn camera), which provides a total solution for the community prevention and treatment of the Shenzhen Nanshan District Branch, which has been highly recognized by the Shenzhen Municipal Government, and has been promoted by the public security bureaus in various districts in the city, and provides a model project for the public security, a total of 100,000 sets of equipment were sold in 2018.