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Body worn cameras

Equipped with a powerful eight core processor, supporting AI intelligent recognition; Capture the entire process of law enforcement on-site, and transmit 1080P high-definition video in real-time;

Helmet cameras

H8 is a fully rugged helmet wearable smart video camera, which equipped with Andoid 8.1 Octa-core system, built-in 4G/WIFI/GPS, high definition 20MP camera, speaker/microphone can be used to capture photos and videos in hard-to-reach places like tunnels, towers, construction buildings or behind large machinery/equipment or etc

POC radios

F39 is a compact, rugged, and easy-to-operate large screen handheld radio which enables Push-to-Talk over Cellular using Wi-Fi and the existing 3G/4G/LTE infrastructure of Mobile Network Operators

Docking station

Suitable for handling heavy data storage, it can automatically complete intelligent collection, monitoring, classification, conversion, and upload of terminal data. Data storage is safe and efficient, effectively liberating manpower, reducing manual intervention, and greatly saving time.

Software platform

Multimedia command and dispatch station software is a professional dispatching station software launched for industry users. The integrated audio and video dispatching greatly improves the ease of use and convenience of dispatching operations


It is an intelligent safety-assisted operation protection tool,can flexibly adjust the alarm gear; accurately perceives the safe distance, and the sound and light modes have dual early warnings to indicate the danger of electric shock and ensure the safety of near-electric operators

Public safety

Grandtime broadband solutions not only provide key voice services, but also devote more energy to reliable video transmission and data transmission to help customers cope with more complex scenarios.

Public transport

Buses, trams, subways, railways, and high-speed trains, including the most modern driverless systems, need efficient communications systems that provide the availability and security specifications required by these environments.


Electricity, gas and water utility companies with distribution failures immediately disrupt both consumers and the economy.  Utility companies sometimes have distribution networks comprising of thousands of kilometres of infrastructure, overhead lines and sub-station assets in locations with very little coverage due to being based in remote uneven terrain areas.


A synthesis of activity, personnel, assets, equipment, and machinery, construction sites face many complicated challenges.  Challenges such as personnel mobility and complex vehicle management.  The costs, the pressure, and the stakes, are high.

About us

Shenzhen Grandtime Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2014, located in Nanshan high-tech park, Shenzhen. We specialise in providing hardware and software development in the field of public safety and enterprise worker safety for our customers across the globe. We focus on research, development, and manufacturing of police law enforcement terminals 4G/5G body worn cameras, intelligent 4G public network cluster terminals 4G POC radios, intelligent safety helmets, and other intelligent device terminals. For over a decade, we have been committed to solve various safety issues in urban public safety governance and people's lives in a scientific manner that is data-driven, visualized, and intelligent, and to provide efficient, customizable intelligent, visualized, and data-driven solutions for the government, law enforcement departments and industry related to public safety and worker safety.

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